My Daily Routine as a Freelance Writer


My day job as a freelance writer means I have the luxury of working from home, which is something I’m extremely grateful for. Now I should mention that when I say freelance writer, I don’t mean full-time blogger. I currently write web copy for businesses and articles or blogs for online magazines.

Side note – if you want to know more about getting into freelance writing, have a look at my other blog Diary of a Freelancer. I have a free email course over there on transitioning from blogger to paid writer and if you’re considering this career, it has some really actionable and helpful tips for you to implement,

When people discover that I work from home, a lot want to know about my daily routine and how I get shit done, so today I thought I’d share what really goes on when you’re a freelancer.


I’ll be the first to admit that I love a lie-in. I’m not a morning person and I’m much more creative in the evening so I generally wont wake up too early, unless I have a short deadline or my schedule is pretty full.

Its easy to assume that if you work at home, you can just sit in your PJ’s all day, but for me, I like to have a little routine so I always get dressed and put on my makeup as if I’m going out to work. I’ll have breakfast once I’m downstairs and then I get straight to work by checking my emails.

To organise my workload, I always have notebook with a list of my current projects and I prioritise them so I know what exactly needs to be done and when.

I love to use asana and google docs for organising/storing my workload online but I like to keep ‘manual’ records for tax return purposes as well as writing down notes when I’m on the go.


Despite liking routine, I never have a set schedule for lunch or whatever. I’ve tried it and it totally didn’t work for me. Every day is different in terms of what I need to get done so I’ll take a lunch break whenever I feel hungry. Most of the time, I have a working lunch so I can take a break in the afternoon.


I love to take a walk in the afternoon/early evening to get some fresh air. I’m currently searching for a nice coffee shop to work from (if you know any in the Manchester area, lemme know!) as I’m feeling a bit disconnected with the world at the moment and could do with a change of scenery.

If I have any errands, I normally do them in the afternoon or I’ll have a catch up with my sister to see my niece and nephew. As I usually work in the evening, its nice to have a break to feel refreshed.


I currently work in the evenings as I normally have 4-5 projects on the go at one time. But, as I’m starting to focus on my blogs again, I also spend time planning posts and prepping. I’m currently planning a makeover for Diary of a Freelancer as well as planning articles and free resources.

In January, I start my masters degree which means lie-ins will be a thing of the past and I’ll be slotting in my degree work during the evening.

This is my general day-to-day routine but I’m presently having driving lessons, trying to furnish/style a flat and plan a side hustle (more on this soon) – I am basically Beyonce!

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Where To Buy Lustworthy Stationery


Ever since school, I’ve loved buying new stationery. I find opening the first page of a blank notebook hugely satisfying and I’m sure I’m not alone in my adoration for pretty writing tools and notepads. For those who find tracking down pretty stationery buys a mission, here are some of my favourite brands and stores to check out.

John Lewis

While John Lewis might be more known for all things beauty and homeware, they also stock a small selection of stationery from Ban.Do to Kate Spade and Ted Baker. A few of my current favourite items include the Ban.Do I Am Very Busy Planner and Kate Spade Agenda.


Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co sell beautiful stationery. I have several of their notebooks and I’d highly recommend them to any stationery lover. Thier prints and journals are also exceptionally pretty.


ASOS might be known for their clothing but they also have a small selection of stationery. Paperchase, Ooh Deer and Ban.Do are just some of the brands they stock. There’s free delivery over £20.

25 of the Best Places to Find Free Pretty Stock Photos


Stock photos have come a long way since the days of bland and uninspiring images. I love pretty images, especially when they’re free to use, and they’re super handy to have for round-up posts, tips and tricks or if you’re struggling with photography.

You’re probably aware that you cant go using any image off the internet due to copyright laws, not unless you’ve purchased the image or contacted the photographer to ask for permission to use it.

Taking your own high quality images can be time-consuming, especially in winter when there’s little natural light. So, with that in mind, I’m sharing my favourite sites for free stock photos. These sites offer images that are free for you to use on your blog or website.

How to use stock photos 

You can simply insert an image on your site, but chances are, many others will be using the same free image so I really recommend using an editing program, such as Photoshop or a free platform like Canva to add text, your logo and URL to personalise an image and help boost your blogs individuality.

Free stock photos are normally licensed under creative commons meaning you can alter the image and copy it without permission, however, you are not allowed to sell them.

Free sites


5 Things To Try In Autumn

Bath Body Works Candle Dupe

Like many, I adore Autumn. There’s some slightly intoxicating about being snuggled up under a throw with a hot drink, watching a feel good movie or relaxing with a great book! This year, I’m planning to attempt a few new hobbies, as well as finding some new TV series to watch. If you’ve got some spare time this Autumn, here’s a bit of inspiration for you.

Bath & Body Works Candle Dupe

I’ve never really been one for candles, and its very difficult when you have a cat who just wants to get her paws on everything, but I like having them lit when I go and stay at my boyfriends. I spied this Bath and Body Works dupe over on The Sunday Girl and its a lil’ bargain at £2.99. They had several scents at my local B&M but being a lover of sweet fragrances, I settled on the Brown Sugar AllSpice candle. It smells incredible and I can’t wait to light it. If you’re a fan of more spicy scents, you’ll like Marshmellow Fireside or Radiant Red Maple.

sainsburys homeware

Treat Yo’self to Home Furnishings

I love buying home furnishings or anything home related. Primark, H&M and Sainsburys are my current favourite store and I’ve found a few bargains recently, including this cute bowl at £2.50.

Bake Some Yummy Food

My aim this year, and there’s only three months left so I better start soon, is to start baking/cooking. I’ve just bought a slow cooker so I’m sure I can whip up something hearty and nutritious, but I also want to attempt a few cupcakes. I’m thinking of maybe making a few Halloween themed treats and seeing how it goes!

Find New Reads

Apart from Girl on the Train, I’ve barely read any novels this year, so Autumn is the perfect time to start searching for new books. On my wishlist are Becoming, The Good Girl and The Wonder. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Watch a New Series

I’m hopeless at watching tv shows because I get bored so easily. I still haven’t finished Breaking Bad, but I’m gonna up my TV game and find some new shows for me and boyfriend to watch. We enjoyed Stranger Things and Him and Her, but Netflix is a struggle so if you have any recommendations I’d love to know!

How To Make Money From Freelance Writing Sites

Many writers will tell you to stay clear of freelance writing sites.


  • Low paid jobs
  • Clients who don’t value your time
  • You could earn more elsewhere

Guess what? You get that on many job boards.

I’ve seen very low paid jobs on well-known sites, so dont let that put you off.

Want to know something different about freelance sites?

  • There’s well paid jobs out there
  • Clients who value your experience and time
  • An opportunity to build your knowledge in a niche and learn new skill