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How to Find Your Freelance Writing Niche

You’ve probably heard a lot of writers mention their freelance writing niche. But, what is a niche and is it really as important as it seems?

Let’s get straight down to business – a freelance writing niche is essentially the subject or topics you want to write about. So, if your niche is technology, you’re going to be writing about tech topics.

Why is a freelance writing niche important?

  • By choosing a freelance writing niche, you’ll be able to position yourself as an expert in that area.
  • You’ll be able to charge higher fees due to your expertise.
  • You’ll be able to define your ideal client – you’ll know where they hang out so it’s much easier to pitch to them.


How I Earned Over $500 With One Simple Freelance Blogger Pitch

One of the most effective ways to land a freelance blogger or writing job is to pitch. Pitching is an essential part of being a freelance writer and while it might seem like an overwhelming process, it’s actually pretty straightforward once you know how.

In this post, I want to show you an example of a simple pitch I created that landed me over $500 of work.

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A pitch doesn’t need to be a NobelĀ prize winning piece. In fact, some of the most concise pitches have landed me high paying clients.


How To Create A Powerful Freelance Writing Portfolio With No Experience

Why do you need a freelance writing portfolio?

A great freelance writing portfolio is going to land you the writing jobs you want, help you to get paid what you deserve and sell your services. If you’re a new freelance writer you may be wondering how you can build a writing portfolio when you have zero experience!

When I started out, I didn’tĀ even have a portfolio and it cost me work! Sure, I had a few samples I used that I linked from my blog but a portfolio would have made me stand out from the crowd and scored me better-paid work.

Luckily, there is an awesome way of building a writing portfolio, even if you’ve never had a paying client.