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Freelance writing pitch. Learn how to write a freelance writing pitch and how to apply for writing jobs. With a pitch, you’ll be able to successfully land writing work and grow your income. An effective pitch should be friendly, state your writing experience, the benefits of hiring you, what you can do for the potential client and what you wish to charge for your work. Discover the essential elements of a pitch, including what mistakes to avoid. In your pitch, it is imperative that you include samples of your writing work so your potential client can view your skills and knowledge of your niche.

How I Earned Over $500 With One Simple Freelance Blogger Pitch

One of the most effective ways to land a freelance blogger or writing job is to pitch. Pitching is an essential part of being a freelance writer and while it might seem like an overwhelming process, it’s actually pretty straightforward once you know how.

In this post, I want to show you an example of a simple pitch I created that landed me over $500 of work.

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A pitch doesn’t need to be a Nobel prize winning piece. In fact, some of the most concise pitches have landed me high paying clients.


8 Terrible Freelance Writing Pitch Mistakes to Avoid

So, you’ve sent countless freelance writing pitches and you’ve heard nothing back.

I hear ya! Some of my first pitches were awful and I made many freelance writing pitch mistakes. One thing I’ve worked on since starting my writing career is my pitch. Pitching is what stands between you and a consistent writing income. The better my pitch became, the more gigs (and better paid work) I landed.

Writing a pitch isn’t that difficult when you know exactly what you need to do. Even if you’re a new writer, you can create a solid pitch that will help you win work.


A Magical 3 Step Formula For Creating A Freelance Writing Pitch

If you want to be making a consistent income freelance writing then you need to become a pro in creating a freelance writing pitch.

Many freelance writers quit because they’re not hearing back from their pitches – I’ll let you into a secret. You need to be sending a lot of freelance pitches when you first start. Finding your first couple of freelance clients can be a struggle, but knowing how to write a pitch will help you to land those lucrative gigs.