Hey guys! Today, I have an amazing freebie for you to help organise your blog content, ideas and finances like a pro.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep track of your blog’s progress? Maybe you need a system for compiling your blog content and topic ideas? I have just the thing to help you!

I love this free printable 23 page blog planner – it has everything you need to plan and prepare your blog posts, keep track of your blog stats, record your blog income and expenses, plan your blog goals, record your passwords and keep a list of your blogging contacts.

As this planner is undated, you can print as many sheets as you want to use, day after day, month after month.

Just pop your name and email in the box above and you’ll be sent the planner to download and print off – keeping all the sheets in a file or ring binder will ensure you know exactly where your planner is when you need it.

My free blog planner is A4 size – print it out on your home printer or load it to a memory stick and print it out at your local library or other resource centre. You can use every sheet or just the sheets you want to fill in – it’s totally up to you!

free 23 page printable blog planner Free 23 page printable blog planner for all your blogging needs

My free blog planner includes;

Daily blog planner (undated)

Weekly blog planner (undated)

Monthly blog planner (undated)

Blog post planner

Blog post brainstorm

Blog series planner

Guest post planner

Email upgrade tracker

Sponsorship tracker

Giveaway tracker

Monthly blog goals

Yearly blog goals

Monthly stats

Blog income

Blog expenses

and much more…..

I love this blog planner as it makes it so much easier to clearly lay out all your blogging ideas, goals and statistics – great for checking your monthly progress. There’s also a sheet to record your blog success. This can be anything, no matter how big or small. It’s so important to recognise your progress. I think we all need a little pat on the back at times as recognition for putting in our hard work.

If you’re already earning money from your blog, you can record it on the blog income sheet – so handy for when you need to declare your income for tax purposes.

Even if you’re not earning money from your blog yet, or you’re not considering monetising your website, this free blog planner is still highly beneficial. It will help keep your blog organised and you can keep on track with your goals.

You can start using this planner as soon as you download it, thanks to the undated pages. It’s highly flexible and you can save money by printing it out for free.

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If there are any other free printables you’d like to see, let me know in the comments.