People usually want to make changes in the new year, but why wait? Get stuck into ways to save money, ways to make money and things that really don’t need too much attention, depending on what you want to earn/save. Here are 24 ideas to save money starting right now!

24 ways to save money

1, Jump on my bandwagon and start blogging! Yes!! You can really earn money from writing blogs! Just ensure you try to put out the best content, and as frequently as possible. Get yourself established and you’ll start attracting traffic! However, you don’t need to be a huge blogger to start making money – you can engage in affiliate marketing where you can get paid per click/purchase on advertisements. You can also create your own products to sell. If you want to set up a blog, check out my step by step article.

2, Did you know that by checking out top cashback sites like TopCashBack, you could save money on your regular purchases! One of the best ways to save money on your online purchases is by getting cashback. You could save thousands throughout the year if you’re an avid shopper.

3 Eat out for less! Yes! If you enjoy eating out you know that great food is worth every penny, but you also should know that if you can get that food for cheaper, it tastes even better! You could save up to 50% off your bill with places like Groupon and Taste Card. It really is one of the best ways to save money.

4, For students out there, did you know that you can apply for a student card and save up to 30% online, on the high street and when buying tickets, going to nightclubs etc. All in all, a great way to save money, even if you’re only studying for a short period!

5, Switch your mobile! If you’re within the scheduled time frame to upgrade your contract, you should consider getting a lower deal per month. I was paying £67 per month at one point and now I only pay £22 so it really can make a big difference! Get a deal with lower data and use your broadband at home or use the broadband available in restaurants, stores, metro links and local transport – this helps prolong your data allowance, making you a possible saving of a few hundred pounds within a year.

6, Switch banks and get paid to do so – you can get up to £200!! Find out more here.

7, This one is tough! But I’m just going to say it! Quit smoking! I’m always telling my boyfriend this! All your money saving ideas have been answered! It’s tough, challenging and maybe you’ll fail a few times, but this one prolongs your life and saves you money. You could save hundreds each year or more, depending on if you’re a heavy smoker or not!

 8, Take your lunch to work!! Buying food for work from your local supermarket is so much cheaper than buying pre-made sandwiches or dishes from your favourite food outlet. Make your lunch the night before and you won’t even have to wake up any earlier than usual.

 9, Take down that dish. Did you know that you can find all your favourite TV shows on Netflix and other similar sites! It’s much cheaper than paying for Sky or cable.

 10, Not a fan of binge TV? Do you prefer to spend time away from the comfort of your own home creating experiences? I bet you spend most of the time having fun and I bet that you spend a lot of money doing it? You could save money by having days out for free!! Most cities have museums and other free entry spectacles that will keep you occupied for the day, especially if you have kids.

11, If you’re serious about saving every penny, you can always switch your motor and home insurance. This is one of the most effective ways to save money. Make sure you check out comparison websites like Compare the Market – I saved thousands by comparing car insurance providers before buying my insurance.

12, Thirsty? Quenching your thirst when you need it most comes in many options. Many people think that buying bottled water is a good move as its healthy and a great source of hydration! However, buying bottled water mounts up. Why not invest in a good quality kinetic water filtration system instead? It sounds advanced but it simply turns your tap water into healthy, drinkable water with a higher alkaline rate which is what the body needs most!

13, When you go shopping, do you just decide to go and buy what you ‘think’ you need? This can turn out to be expensive and you won’t even realise how much until you monitor what your expenditure is. The way around this is to simply stay organised in the kitchen by having a list of items you need or are running out of. If you do this and stick to the items on the list, you will have leftover money as opposed to leftover food!

14, Fed up of paying crazy prices for black cabs and local taxi firms? I was too, but I’m sure you’ve heard about Uber? It’s much cheaper than getting a local cab and it’s much more convenient too! You can get a free ride worth £5 with the code zoew2590ue.

15, If you’re like me and want to get fit, start working out from home. I use YouTube fitness videos and have my own routine. It’s easy, straightforward and can be done in your free time with no excuses!

16, Have a garden? You should consider growing your own fruit and veg!! You can do this at multiple times of the year and yield plenty of potatoes, carrots, strawberries, raspberries and much more, all for next to no cost. Its organic, healthy and tastes amazing! Plus, its fun and offers a great sense of achievement!

17, Sell your unwanted stuff on EBay! There is a market for anything these days and you should get in on the action! People are paying £20 – £30 for a pair of well-worn trainers! Sell your old phones, speakers etc. It’s a no-brainer if you have items like these lying around!

18, Consider biking as your main mode of transport. You can even get a bike for cheap from most employers via the ride to work scheme. Get vouchers for the bike and you’re on your way! It has many health benefits and many money-saving benefits too!

19, Keep all your pennies or loose change in a jar. At the end of the year, count your spare change – you’ll be surprised by how much you have saved!

20, Become a mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper, you go undercover and pretend you’re a real customer. You’ll be asked to rate staff on their customer service and you’ll get paid!If you have a spare few hours during the week, you can make money for this fun, easy task. Check out Bare International and Grassroots.

21, Try couponing! Be warned though, it can be addictive!! You can get free food, drinks, toiletries, just by finding coupons and vouchers. Check out The Latest Free Stuff, Extreme Couponing or Coupons.com for the latest freebies and money off vouchers. This is one of my favourite ways to save money.

22, Join Swagbucks and survey sites! There are so many ways to make cash either from your phone or laptop by doing simple surveys!I love using Mintvine for surveys as its super easy to use. Swagbucks offers you free gift cards in return for watching videos, taking surveys and other tasks. Both are well worth signing up to.

23, Become a tester! There are many market research companies looking for people to try products in return for cash. You’ll normally find market research opportunities in your local area.

24, Change your supermarket! Aldi and Lidl tend to be much cheaper than the likes of Asda and Tesco, plus a lot of the food tastes good.  At Aldi, you’re estimated to save around 30% on your monthly shop which means you’ll be saving hundreds if not thousands in a year.

What are your favourite ways to save money! Let me know in the comments!