How to make money blogging

Making money online isn’t easy – even the bloggers who make 100k plus a year had to start from the bottom. However, there are strategies you can put into place even in the challenging online environment of the blogosphere. Today, I want to share my experience with you which I’m sure will help you to gain a great return on your investment of time and hard work!

You may assume that to make money via blogging you need to be a blogging superstar, Nope! The truth is that you don’t even need a huge audience. But, if you’re a newbie to the scene you’ll soon see that there are so many ways of earning profit from your hard work and dedication!

If you’re currently still in the transition stage or just thinking about blogging, I have you covered with how to create a WordPress blog which will give you all the little bits of info you need to get going with your blogging career.

How to make money blogging

Affiliate marketing

Our first money-making strategy is to lean towards affiliates or affiliate marketing. The way this works (it doesn’t require a great deal of effort) is that you would need to apply links to your blog posts or blog pages. There are different ways to do this. The first is that you can earn a small amount of money just by a reader clicking on the link. The link carries a unique code that traces back to you and enables you to get paid per click. There are, however, ways to make more than just a small amount and this is achieved by getting the user to go one step further and purchasing an item through the link you provide. Obviously, having more traffic will undoubtedly help you to achieve your blogging income goals much quicker but its a really easy way to earn money from your posts. The best affiliate networks that I have personally used are ShopStyle, Shareasale and Linkshare.

Sponsored content

Sponsored blogs, sponsored giveaways, media posts and brand work are all considered high income streams due to the fact that you can generate a lot of traffic and exposure for the brands you are sponsoring. Just remember that you need to declare sponsored posts as such.

How much to charge for sponsored posts?

This is always tricky as there’s no standard rate fee. I’ve made £50 to £70 (which works out to approx.; $70 to $100) for a sponsored blog post, however, the amount you can charge will ultimately depend on your blog views, unique users and number of subscribers. It’s not unheard of to charge hundreds or even thousands for sponsored content and I always suggest quoting a higher rate in the first instance in case brands try to quote you down. You can find sponsored content opportunities through Bloglovin Activate and Izea.

Selling your own products

Selling your own products gives you the opportunity to sell something that you believe in and trust! These are the best items to make income from because you can tailor them to satisfy the needs of your audience.

A few examples of things you can sell are:

Digital products

  • Electronic books
  • Electronic courses
  • Prints/designs and logos

These are just a few of many, but you can use your imagination! There is a market for anything and everything! If you design good quality content, there’s no end to what success you can achieve!

Physical items are also a good option and can come in the form of homemade jewellery / sculptures, homemade homeware, refurbished furniture etc… so many options, and if it’s something you love, it’s even better! Schedule your own working hours, and if you generate enough interest you can decide your own income!

You can sell your items in such places as

Freelancing and/or selling services

Other ways to make money blogging is by becoming freelance and selling your services. Pssst… if you’re looking for help in the transition from your blogging routine to becoming a freelance writer I can show you how, just grab my free e-course here.

The money you can bring in from freelancing is endless as its dependent on your drive and determination to succeed! If you work hard you’ll get paid well. Knowing what you’re worth is a great tool and maximises your income!

Here are a few services you can provide;

  • Freelance via writing, editing, and proofreading
  • Design based services – web pages, coding and branding
  • Blog training / mentor / coaching
  • Speaking
  • Webinars (paid)
  • Virtual online workshops

If you’re serious about getting started in freelancing then start advertising your services via your blog. Setting up a services page is really easy to do as you can provide information about what you offer on a separate page linked to your blog navigation bar. Your page needs to be composed with the following information in mind;

  • What services you want to offer
  • Who your services will be tailored for
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials from previous clients or from free work you have completed
  • Your contact details!

I also recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile as this platform is a hotspot for businesses and professionals who may require your assistance. Reach out to offer your services, optimise your profile so that users know what you’re offering and create articles on LinkedIn publisher to attract clients.

How to make money blogging – a few things to remember!

If you begin to build your blog and build a regular income then its imperative to maintain a standard with guaranteed quality content to keep your passive income coming in. While you need to put in some time and effort at the beginning to achieve your goals, your results will speak for themselves!

A few things to consider;

  • Aim to maintain high-value content for your blog
  • Build a customer / email list, which is a good way to promote your services!
  • Ensure you write what you know and passionate about. 
  • Milk the shit out of the social media!! Twitter & Pinterest are my suggested sites

You don’t need to have masses of subscribers or readers to start making an income from your blog. If you’re starting small, begin by using affiliate links and start to build a loyal audience by providing high-value content.  Once your readership is moving upwards, you can look into the other methods I’ve listed here, which are all effective systems in providing an income from your blog.