100 ways to make extra money each month

Knowing how to make extra money each month is a valuable way of increasing your finances. Whether you want to save up for a holiday, a designer handbag, or something special, having some extra cash coming in every month can really make a difference.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been making extra money here and there to supplement my income and help to pay for my car, masters degree and other things ( a little reminder that you have to declare all your earnings for tax purposes – even if it’s only a small amount).

You could spend a spare hour a week making extra money or you could devote several hours in addition to any job that you hold. The great thing about earning money is that there are plenty of ways to do so.

In this post, I cover 100+ ways you can make extra money per month. From earning money online to jobs you can do in your community, you’ll discover a range of inspiration.

1, Start a blog – making money via blogging isn’t as difficult as you might think and you can soon start earning some extra cash – check out my tutorial on how to set up a blog here.

2, Matched betting – this is a risk-free way of making money (and it’s tax-free too) via online bets. I use Profit Accumulator who have a free trial where you can earn up to £45. This site takes you through the step by step process so you can see how it works and if it’s for you. You can easily make a few hundred every month via this method so it’s definitely something to look into.

3, Freelance writing – whether its something you want to do part-time or dedicate a few more hours to, freelance writing is a good way to increase your earnings. Check out my other blog Diary of a Freelancer where I have a free email course on how to become a freelance writer.

4, Taking surveys – A great way to make extra money every month is by completing online surveys. You can easily fill in a survey in five to ten minutes and make a lil’ bit of cash which all adds up. My favourite sites include Mintvine and Swagbucks but there are many more great companies around.

5, Work for an online company – there are several companies offering legitimate work from home opportunities. A few of these companies include Leapforce, Appen and iSoftStone.

6, Test websites – testing websites is a super easy job you can do from home. Some companies that offer website testing in exchange for cash include Whatusersdo and usertesting.

7, Sell stuff on eBay – depending on what you’re selling, eBay can be a good money-maker.

8, Cashback sites – if you shop online a lot, I highly recommend using a cashback site. With a cashback site, you use their link to track your purchase. You receive money back from your order and the amount you receive depends on the retailer. For example, you may receive a percentage, such as 10% back from your purchase. I love using Topcashback and I’ve made well over £600.

9, Sell a digital product – if you have your own blog or website, selling a digital product like an e-book or e-course is an effective passive income idea. You could sell the product via your website or consider selling an e-book on Amazon.

10, Be a web designer – if you have a passion for web design, consider brushing up on your coding skills and advertising your design services.

11, Be a virtual assistant – are you good at organisation, communication, and online administration? Being a virtual assistant could be your calling.

12, Sell your photos – good at photography? Why not sell your photos via Shutterstock or Fotolia.

13, Teach English online – if you love to teach others, consider teaching English online from the comfort of your own home. Lingoda is just one company looking for teachers.

14, Manage social media accounts – if you love social media, managing social accounts may be your forte. Earn extra money by offering your social media assistance to bloggers or businesses.

15, Use Swagbucks – this website offers surveys, tasks, games and other activities in exchange for points. You can use this points in exchange for cash. Sign up to Swagbucks here.

16, Be a live chat host – many brands now use live chat on their websites to engage with potential customers. Check out Indeed and other job sites for vacancies.

17, Sell on Etsy – this website is aimed at those who adore handmade goods and products. If you enjoy making crafts, jewellery, soaps or other beautiful things, consider using Etsy as your selling platform.

18, Sell your skills on Fiverr – from consulting and animation to offering relationship advice, Fiverr is a platform where you can sell your skills for cash.

19, Use money making apps – make extra money by using a money making app like Rewardable.

20, Complete studies with Prolific Academic – this is a site where you answer questions for researchers. The studies are essentially questionnaires and you can earn varying amounts depending on the study you complete. You can sign up here.

21, Sell your old books – got old textbooks, novels or other non-fiction reads? Sell them via we buy books or decluttr.

22, Sell your old phones or electricals – make cash by selling any old phones, cameras or other electricals via Mazuma or gazelle.

23, Get paid to tweet – do you have lots of followers on Twitter? Get paid to tweet by using Sponsoredmentions or Izea.

24, Start Amazon FBA – If you want to sell goods, consider selling through Amazon. Amazon FBA is where they take care of packing and shipping so you don’t need to. Find out more here.

25, Make blog headers – you don’t need to be a graphic designer to offer pretty blog headers or banners. Canva has a free option where you can make nice designs, or you could use Photoshop if you have it.

26, Rent out your home on Airbnb – whether you want to rent out your home or a holiday home you have, Airbnb is the place to offer it online.

27, Rent out a room – renting out a room can be highly profitable. Offer your space room for rent on a local Facebook page, Gumtree, Craigslist or local newspaper.

28, Start a dog walking business – if you love dogs, setting up a dog walking business helps you to combine money with pleasure.

29, Babysit – looking after a friend or neighbours child is a good way to make some quick extra cash.

30, Become an Uber driver – be your own boss for a few hours with Uber. There are a few conditions to meet first but this can be a profitable way to boost your income.

31, Housesit – if a friend, relative or neighbour is going on holiday, offer to housesit in return for a fee.

32, Wash cars – offer to wash cars in your local area in exchange for money.

33, Pet grooming – if you love animals, pet grooming could be an effective way to make extra money.

34, Clean homes or local businesses – offer to clean homes or businesses in your local area by advertising your services in local Facebook groups.

35, Teach something – do you have a hidden skill or talent? maybe it’s fitness, languages or dancing you’re good at? Make money by teaching your knowledge to others.

36, Mentor students – if you’re good at academic subjects, mentoring students could be your money-making enterprise.

37, Teach music – are you a gifted musician or singer? Teach guitar, piano, singing or another instrument to aspiring musicians.

38, Take photos for other bloggers or businesses – many fashion bloggers or small businesses may require help with their photography. Offer your photography services via email and make money from your photo skills.

39, Gardening – if you’re green fingered, why not offer your gardening services to your neighbours.

40, Wash windows – offer to wash windows to people in your community and you could earn a good extra income each month.

41, Home maintenance tasks – do you know people who need help with maintaining their home? Maybe you could help them in exchange for a fee.

42, Make or fix clothes – if you have good sewing skills, you could fix or make clothes to sell.

43, Sell your own fruit and veg – if you have a large garden, growing your own fruit and veg to sell could be highly profitable.

44, Find a local part-time job – check out Indeed and other job sites for vacancies in your local area.

45, Work in a pub/bar – pub and bar work is often in demand, especially over a busy holiday or festive period.

46, Take a summer or Xmas job – a temporary job is a great way to earn money if you have some free time over the summer or winter.

47, Makes cakes or cake decorating – if you’re a whizz in the kitchen, making and selling cakes, especially for birthdays or special occasions could be an excellent money maker.

48, Knit/crochet – knitting or crocheting your own crafts to sell at local stalls or craft fairs can help you to boost your income.

49, Be a courier – use your spare time to become a courier for delivery companies. Hermes offer employment to drivers in the UK.

50, Lend money to others – lending money via Zopa offers you interest back on your money. Just make sure you read the guidelines beforehand.

51, Be a tour guide – is your local area a tourist hotspot? Why not sign up to be a tour guide with ToursByLocals.

52, Deliver leaflets – deliver leaflets door to door. You’ll find many jobs like this on Indeed.

53, Deliver newspapers – this isn’t just for teenagers! Delivering newspapers can make you a small bit of extra money each week.

54, Help an elderly person with chores – many elderly people may require extra help with shopping, daily tasks, and errands.

55, Help people start a website – if you know how to set-up a website on WordPress, Squarespace or Blogger, help other people to start their own site.

56, Sell your clothes – sell your old clothes for cash. You can find outlets that accept your clothes near supermarkets, retail parks and in your town.

57, Do a carboot – my parents used to do carboots a lot when I was younger and you can make some decent money depending on what you have to sell.

58, Do a market stall – flea markets are still quite popular and are a good alternative to carboots.

59, Sell your old gift cardsZeek and Raise both buy gift cards in exchange for cash.

60, Rent out your garage -don’t need your garage space? Rent it out for cash.

61, Rent out your car – consider renting out your car to friends or relatives.

62, Help people move house – do you have a van? You could help people to move house and earn some extra money.

63, Rent out a photo booth and props – these are hugely popular at weddings and parties! You can make extra money by not even lifting a finger – just hire out your goods.

64, Rent your car space – if you live in a busy neighbourhood, renting your car space can make a good passive income idea.

65, Make cards to sell – go to a craft fair or sell them on a local Facebook page. People love buying handcrafted items.

66, Be an extra in a film or TV showUniversal Extras and other casting agencies offer opportunities.

67, Invest your money – stocks or bonds can be a good way to increase your cash. Just ensure you do your research beforehand.

68, Medical research studiespaid clinical trials can provide very high fees.

69, Enter giveaways – many competitions offer expensive prizes, including cash.

70, Mystery shopping – help businesses improve their service and make money too. MarketForce and Tern offer mystery shopping tasks.

71, Make money on Zazzle – design invitations, decor and other goods and sell them via Zazzle.

72, Make money searching the web – Qmee pays you for searching the web – sign up here.

73, Be a transcriber – transcribe audio and text from home. Find opportunities here.

74, Start Youtube – showcase your personality and get paid for it.

75, Ask for a pay rise – ask your boss for a salary increase, you never know they may just say yes!

76, Rent out your camper van/caravan – make money by renting out your van.

77, Be an instore merchandiser – this involves reviewing stock levels and ensuring the correct stock is on display. Check Google for latest opps.

78, Be a product demonstrator – many companies hire demonstrators to try and increase sales.

79, Sell your gold – sell your old gold jewellery and make extra money.

80, Be a proofreader – proofread other peoples content to boost your income.

81, Start dropshipping – selling products to customers without holding the stock is known as dropshipping. Many people use eBay or Amazon to sell their goods but you’ll need to find a good dropshipping company to fulfill orders.

82, Sell unwanted CDs and DVDsMusic Magpie buys your old DVDs and CDs in exchange for cash.

83, Mystery dining – get free meals and make money at the same time by completing mystery dining tasks.

84, Sell used ink cartridges – recycle your ink cartridges via cash for cartridges.

85, Become a party plannerthe body shop can make you money while having fun with your friends.

86, Become a makeup artist – if you have amazing makeup skills, become a makeup artist in your spare time.

87, Use cashback credit cards – if you use a credit card, consider getting a cashback credit card and making a percentage back on your purchases.

88, Switch bank accounts – changing your bank accounts can make you money as many banks offer a cash incentive for you to switch.

89, Sell your story – do you have an exciting story to tell? Make extra money by selling your story to a magazine.

90, Rent out your house for tv and films – film and television companies scout for locations for their upcoming projects. You could make thousands just by renting out your house.

91, Get a uniform tax rebate – did you know you can get a tax rebate in the UK if you wear a uniform as part of your job? Find out more here.

92, Attend focus groups – get paid to attend market research focus groups.

93, Get paid to watch TV – the best job ever?!! Join a TV research panel and make extra money while you watch TV.

94, Solve companies problems – yep, some companies offer cash incentives to those who can offer a solution to their problems. Check out Innocentive or Idea Connection.

95, Be a freelance interviewer – become a survey interviewer and make extra money from your people skills.

96, Be an exam invigilator – schools always need invigilators to assist during exam time. Check your local jobs board or contact local schools for vacancies.

97, Be a model – if you’re feeling confident, make money by becoming a model. You don’t need to be a certain size or height either as there are modelling opportunities for a wide range of projects.

98, Help out with elections – local councils require assistance during election time. Contact your local government for opportunities.

99, Become a delivery driverdeliveroo and other takeaway services need drivers to deliver food to customers.

100, Review musicslice the pie offers cash in return for music reviews.

101, Help people with their to-do listsTask Rabbit pays you to assist people with their chores and household tasks. From home improvement to assembling furniture, you could make extra money by being helpful.

What are your favourite ways to make extra money? Have you tried any of these ideas?

*this post includes affiliate links