There are many reasons to become a freelance writer. I’ve been freelance writing and making a consistent income for over the last 3 years and I’m lucky to say that I love my job. If you’ve been contemplating the freelance life and writing is a passion of yours, here are 7 badass reasons to become a freelance writer.

7 reasons to become a freelance writer

Create your own schedule

One of the best aspects of freelance writing is creating your own schedule. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, the decision is yours. Create a work schedule that’s flexible for your lifestyle – work around your kids, take an afternoon off to spend time with friends or spend the morning at the gym. Select your own hours and free yourself from the 9-5 life.

Your earning potential is infinite

Because you set your rates, you have no ceiling when it comes to your earning potential. Many people assume that freelance writers are either earning mega money or are working for beans – the truth is somewhere in between that. OK, so few freelance writers are millionaires but not everyone is earning $10 an article. There are plenty of ways to acquire freelance jobs – here are a few ways you can get clients without using traditional content mills.

Work with amazing clients

Being a freelance writer means working with amazing clients from around the world. Work with inspiring entrepreneurs, incredible start-ups and enthusiastic established brands. I’ve worked with some fantastic clients in the past few years, and I never would have had the opportunity to do so had I not started freelancing.

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Work from wherever you choose

Trust me, if I lived close to the beach, I’d work there every day of the week. Unfortunately, I live in an urban town but I do get to work from wherever I choose. That’s the great thing about being freelance. If I wish to work from a coffee shop and take advantage of the free wi-fi, I can totally do that. If I want to work from a friend or relatives home, I can do that too. Whether you have a desire to travel or to visit certain parts of your country, you can easily create content from your favourite place – all you need is a laptop and internet connection!

Learn something new 

A wonderful reason to become a freelance writer is to learn something new every day. From learning new skills to snippets of wisdom, there is always something new to discover. Researching topic areas builds your knowledge in a subject area while providing extra services like social media or virtual assistance helps you to practice and establish your skillset in that sector.

Little start-up costs 

Becoming a freelance writer doesn’t require extensive start-up costs like many other businesses do. All you really need is a website and domain, Microsoft Word, internet connection and a laptop/computer (or a tablet) which you may have already. Other tools, such as Asana for organisation and Contently to host your portfolio are completely free to use.

Be your own boss

One of my favourite reasons to become a freelance writer is being your own boss. Forget being undervalued, being treated like crap or not being respected. As your own boss, YOU make the important decisions, decide who you’re going to work with and what hours you’ll work. I’ve worked in shitty jobs with zero prospects so I know how soul-destroying it is. Becoming a freelance writer is the best decision I’ve ever made and I want you to know that its possible – you can earn a consistent income from freelance writing every month and enjoy the freedom freelance life offers.

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