5 powerful ways to increase blog traffic

Have you ever spent hours creating a blog post, only for it to end up lost in the blogosphere? I hear ya!

Pouring your heart and soul into your blog when you’re not gaining any views is completely disheartening.

Listen up! It’s not because your blog isn’t amazing! You just haven’t found the right ways to increase your blog traffic.

The good news is that by using a few easy strategies, you can improve your page views. So, what strategies are these, I hear you ask.

5 Powerful ways to boost your blog traffic

1. SEO your blog post

You’ve probably heard of SEO – it stands for search engine optimisation. Using good SEO techniques will ensure your website ranks high up in search engine results. If you use WordPress, you can use the Yoast plugin to help optimise your blog posts – this tool will help you input your keyword for each article and ensure that you’re using good SEO practices.

If you don’t use WordPress, fear not. There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your posts (and blog) are search engine optimised to help you rank better in search engines and gain more traffic.

Content is king – great content will help your blog to rank well in search engines. Generally, search engines favour long content so make sure your blog posts are 300 words or longer. Writing valuable content that your readers love is also recommended. Using a catchy title also works well for SEO. However, ensure you use your keyword. If you’re stuck for content ideas, take a look at 85 blog post ideas to increase your readership.

Keywords – a keyword is a word that relates to your blog post which you can use throughout your article and in your title. For example, if I was writing a post on lipstick, my keyword might be red lipstick and my title ‘The best red lipstick under £10’. The keyword ‘red lipstick’ can then be used a couple of times throughout the post (I suggest around five times, including in the first and last paragraphs).

Name your photos – naming your photos is important as search engines are able to pick up your content this way. Instead of a general name like IMG_2710, use names with your keywords in. So, for the lipstick post, we could use ‘best red lipstick’.

Link to internal posts – internal linking can boost your SEO so try to add links to your other blog posts within your articles.

2. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is incredible for increasing your blog traffic. Pinterest is a search engine so try not to think of it as just another social media platform.

If you don’t have a business account, I’d highly recommend switching (or signing up) to one here. Signing up for rich pins is also an effective Pinterest strategy – you can sign up here. Rich pins include more information than a regular pin, making them more visible and more likely to be repinned by other users.

Once you’ve done this, you need to pin, pin, pin!! Regular pinning has helped to grow my account to over 40,000 followers and a reach of over 1 million. Having a pinning session once a day is enough to grow your account – just five to ten minutes can make a massive difference. I normally pin 80% other peoples content and 20% my own.

If you don’t have time to pin, scheduling your pins is a god-send. I’m currently using Tailwind to schedule my pins and I’ve seen an increase of over 420% in the daily impressions my pins received within the last 2 weeks. You can sign up for a free trial of Tailwind here.

Furthermore, with Tailwind, you can join tribes (otherwise known as groups) to increase your Pinterest views. A couple of tribes to join include;

3. Guest posting

Guest posting is an incredibly powerful way of increasing your blog traffic. By posting on another person’s blog in your niche, you help to boost your blog traffic, grow your readership and establish yourself as an authority figure. Having your blog linked on another site is also great for increasing your DA score – domain authority. So, its a win win.

How do you guest post on a blog? Check out my post on 3 reasons why guest posting is an effective marketing strategy and my free pitch download to discover exactly how to email another blogger for guest posting purposes.

4. Promotion via social media

You’re probably aware that social media is a great tool for promoting your blog, but are you promoting in the right places?

If you’re a new blogger or have a small following on social media, I’d suggest focusing your attention on one social media platform rather than feeling like you have to put 100% effort into every account. For example, I’ve recently stopped spending as much time on Instagram as the algorithm has made it challenging to grow your account. Obviously, if you have a healthy following on Instagram, share your blog posts and let your followers know about your recent content.

Twitter is great for sharing content as it’s easy to schedule and the potential reach using hashtags makes it a good investment for spending your time.

One of my secret tips for growing your blog traffic is to connect with others in Facebook groups. There are plenty of groups on Facebook where you can share your content, ask advice and network with other bloggers – UK Bloggers and Blog + Biz Babes are two great groups to join.

5. Share buttons on your blog posts

Whats the easiest way to increase your blog traffic? Getting other people to share your content. OK, so it’s not guaranteed that your readers will share your posts but placing share buttons on your blog posts increases the likelihood that this will happen. After all, it’s going to be difficult for people to share your posts on social media if there’s no way to do that. Make it easier for your readers by installing buttons – if you use WordPress, simple share buttons or add this are good options. I personally use SumoMe which has a great free tool for sharing.

What are your favourite ways of increasing blog traffic?