eBay is a hidden gem for makeup brushes. I’ve purchased several affordable brushes from there and I’ve been highly impressed with the quality. If you’re in the mood for new brushes, let me introduce you to this Zoeva dupe set. Officially, these are not a copy. I do own a black set with the ‘Zoeva’ branding on, but these have pale pink handles, rose gold ferrules and no names or branding on them.

This set of 8 brushes costs under a fiver and contains a liner brush, brow brush, 3 eyeshadow brushes, contour brush, powder brush and foundation/buffing brush. These brushes are crazy soft and unexpectedly so. They also feel really sturdy – on first impressions, they don’t look or feel like they’re about to fall apart after a few seconds. The brushes with white hairs look like they may be prone to slight shedding and the foundation/buffing brush has kinks in the hairs (if you look closely, you can see it in the photo) but those are my only concerns with this set. I’ve used the small shadow and liner brush and both feel great on the skin, applying products effectively.

I’ve never used any Zoeva brushes before but this set looks similar to the rose golden brush sets. However, those are expensive so if you want to get your hands on some pretty makeup brushes, I definitely recommend these Zoeva dupe makeup brushes as they’re crazy cheap and are perfect for using as backups, to take travelling or to simply store in beautiful empty candle jars.

Have you tried any eBay makeup brushes?