Hello Again & An Update!

Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I posted on here. So, what happened? As with everything, life got in the way, and to be honest, my heart wasn’t into blogging for a long time. Juggling a full-time job, second website, family, boyfriend and other things has meant less time for hobbies, so this blog had to take a back seat. Recently my love for blogging has been re-ignited, so after a change of platform (I’ve moved over to WordPress), a new design and a new camera, I’m finally ready to get my blog on again. I’ve got so many things to talk about! I can’t wait to get posting and share some cool things with you guys! Thanks for sticking with me!

  • Love your new design, always great to get the blog mojo back. I really want to move over to wordpress. think 2016 will be the year.


  • Candice Petersen

    Excited to see once the move is done
    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Nueyork

    Welcome back Zoe! I can’t wait to see your pots appear in my feed again. x


  • zoewells88

    Thanks so much <3

  • zoewells88

    Thanks candice

  • zoewells88

    thank you so much x