5 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

5 powerful ways to increase blog traffic

Have you ever spent hours creating a blog post, only for it to end up lost in the blogosphere? I hear ya!

Pouring your heart and soul into your blog when you’re not gaining any views is completely disheartening.

Listen up! It’s not because your blog isn’t amazing! You just haven’t found the right ways to increase your blog traffic.

The good news is that by using a few easy strategies, you can improve your page views. So, what strategies are these, I hear you ask.


Ebay Zoeva Dupe Makeup Brushes

eBay is a hidden gem for makeup brushes. I’ve purchased several affordable brushes from there and I’ve been highly impressed with the quality. If you’re in the mood for new brushes, let me introduce you to this Zoeva dupe set. Officially, these are not a copy. I do own a black set with the ‘Zoeva’ branding on, but these have pale pink handles, rose gold ferrules and no names or branding on them.

This set of 8 brushes costs under a fiver and contains a liner brush, brow brush, 3 eyeshadow brushes, contour brush, powder brush and foundation/buffing brush. These brushes are crazy soft and unexpectedly so. They also feel really sturdy – on first impressions, they don’t look or feel like they’re about to fall apart after a few seconds. The brushes with white hairs look like they may be prone to slight shedding and the foundation/buffing brush has kinks in the hairs (if you look closely, you can see it in the photo) but those are my only concerns with this set. I’ve used the small shadow and liner brush and both feel great on the skin, applying products effectively.

I’ve never used any Zoeva brushes before but this set looks similar to the rose golden brush sets. However, those are expensive so if you want to get your hands on some pretty makeup brushes, I definitely recommend these Zoeva dupe makeup brushes as they’re crazy cheap and are perfect for using as backups, to take travelling or to simply store in beautiful empty candle jars.

Have you tried any eBay makeup brushes?

10 Things You’ll Remember if You’re an Old School Blogger

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the blogging sphere over the past 5 years. I started this blog in 2012 (if ya fancy a nosey, I left most of my old posts here – yep I’m too lazy to transfer and format them for WordPress), although I had one or two blogs before then, so it would probably be around 2009/2010 when I began putting my thoughts onto the world wide web. In the past few years, blogging has transformed from a lil hobby you did in your bedroom into a fully fledged career (fist pumps for all the girl bosses out there!), editorial style of content is ever present and if you don’t like rose gold or marble, are you really a blogger?

Despite enjoying blogging, there are a few things I miss about the good old days. If you’re an old school blogger like me, here’s a few things you’ll remember (or may want to forget).

  1. Bed Sheets

Forget marble backgrounds, pretty flowers or copper accents, blogging in 2012 was all about the bed sheet. All a photo required was plonking your favourite beauty bits on ya bed and voila! Giving your photos a vintage filter also added a little something, don’t ya think?!! (10 points if you know what film that line is from).

2. Retro products

MAC Stereo Rose, 17 ‘Beehive’ lipstick, Gosh ‘Darling’ – you loved the products that were hyped in the blogosphere but no one else really paid attention to.

3. MAC Collections

You got on board every MAC collection but Venomous Villains was the best collection you’d ever seen. Seriously, I’m still gutted on missing out on bite of an apple blush.

4. Crackle Nail Polish

You loved crackle nail polish – nail art made easy! You also tried holographic nails, matte nails, glitter nails and neon shades. Oh, and you swatched shades on a nail wheel.

5. Blog Sale Hysteria

You loved blog sales and spent hours refreshing!! Hey, you may have spent a small fortune but think of the bargains you got!

6. Blog Names

Forget using your own name. Old school blogging was all about creativity. It took you ages to come up with your blog name and then you spent forever hating it.

7. Bedroom Outfit Posts

You photographed your favourite outfit posts in your bedroom, and spent ages trying to get your tripod in the right place.

8. Tags

You loved writing tag posts: 50 random facts, what’s in my bag, the Liebster award….. You were all over it!!

9. Random Beauty Storage

You had no idea what Muji acrylic drawers were so you had to invent new ways of storing your beauty products…cake stand anyone?

10. Empties

You saved all of your empty containers for your ’empties’ blog post….

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and some of my ‘vintage’ photos. Do you have any favourite things about old school blogging?

How to Buy Luxe Beauty Products for Less

If you’re partial to luxury beauty, then listen up! I adore certain brands like Dior and Urban Decay but it’s not always within my budget to spend £40 on a makeup palette. When it comes to buying makeup, I’m pretty savvy at finding luxe beauty products for less. I’ve recently found some amazing bargains and I think I have it down when scouring the internet for gems. So, if you’re wondering how to find luxe beauty products for less, here are a few of my secrets;

Blog sales

Blog sales are amazing for finding bargains. I recently found a new Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette for £19 (thanks Adrienne!) in the Sunday Girls blog sale. However, I have definitely seen a few other great blog sales around. My tip is to search on twitter or Instagram under the hashtag #blogsale and to follow your favourite bloggers on social media. Many bloggers sell brand new items on Depop – try downloading the app and following your favourite bloggers!

Beauty sales

Beauty sales are my favourite way of finding discounted luxe makeup. My favourite sites are Feel Unique – the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks are currently reduced to £15.95. But, you can also get 10% off the majority of brands if you have a student discount card. I also love TK Maxx, Fragrance Direct and Escentual.

Random finds

It’s always worth checking your favourite brands for discounts that aren’t advertised. I recently found the Dior Backstage Eye Reviver Illuminating Neutrals Palette for £20 (half price) – its still on site so go, go, go!!

Store loyalty cards

Store loyalty cards are always worth signing up for as you can save up your points for a discount. The best ones are Boots (obvs), Debenhams and Space NK.

Student discount

As I’ve mentioned Feel Unique offer student discount as do ASOS, Look Fantastic, Urban Decay, Fragrance Direct, Benefit, Aveda and others.

What are your favourite ways to buy luxe beauty products for less?


Skincare to Make You Glow!

Clear, glowing skin is something we all crave. I’ve noticed that as I’ve got older, my skin has started to lack the natural radiance it once had. To put some luminosity back into my skin, I’ve incorporated a couple of products into my skincare routine. Skincare is something I’m very much enjoying at the moment – just taking a few minutes out of my routine to have a mini pamper is definitely something I can get on board with. One of my favourite masks is the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. If your complexion needs a pick me up, this is the product for you. Formulated with four AHA’s, including glycolic acid which is great for eliminating dead skin cells to brighten and revitalise the skin. It also helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of scarring. I use this mask once a week and I love how my skin feels after use – it’s soft, smooth and plump. It’s not recommended for sensitive skin types. My skin can be prone to break outs after using certain products but I’ve never had a problem with this mask and it’s one I’ll keep repurchasing!


The Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher is a new product in my skincare drawer. I’m not a massive fan of scrub type formulations but this is one I can make an exception for. Containing calcium and magnesium, as well as fruit extracts, this facial polisher features natural pumice to gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, improve your skin tone and brighten. I’ve only used this a few times, but so far I’m finding it works a treat. Again, I only use this once per week instead of my regular cleanser. After use, my skin feels clean, refreshed and radiant. This retails for £65 for 100ml but I got my smaller tube via Latest in Beauty – I highly recommend trying out beauty boxes like this if you want to sample an expensive product before splashing out.

The DR Jart+ Ceramidin Cream* is a lifesaver for dull or uneven skin tones. A few months ago, I had a weird breakout of small flesh coloured bumps on one side of my face – I still have no idea what it was, but I applied this cream morning and night for three days and it disappeared. Since then, I’ve been using a little of this highly nourishing cream on any dry patches or irritated skin. Now, Ceramidin Cream is expensive (mine is a press sample from ages ago) but so worth it. I’ll definitely be purchasing this cream myself as the results are amazing. Your skin looks plump, smooth and glowing after use. If you don’t like creams, it also comes in a liquid and gel-cream formula.


The Natural Spa Factory Dusk to Dawn Night Oil* is also a newbie in my skincare collection. This night oil contains a variety of natural oils, including sweet almond oil to promote a youthful complexion, wheat germ oil to promote luminosity, rose hip seed oil to regenerate and mandarin peel oil to encourage cell renewal. I’m really impressed with this nourishing oil. Despite being blessed with very oily skin, the Dusk to Dawn Oil helps to balance my complexion, hydrate and add radiance. Unlike some other facial oils I’ve used, this one isn’t too rich for oily or combination skin types and it doesn’t feel really greasy either. I apply it in the evening, after using a serum and I’ve found it works really well in my skincare routine.

Have you tried any of these products?

What do you use to keep your skin glowing?